Sponsoring Water Angel

Here at Water Angel, our intentions are simple; we want to encourage more young adults to drink water on a night out to avoid the risks associated with drinking alcohol.

One way we can maximise our efforts and make sure our campaign reaches the masses, is through sponsorship. With help from dedicated sponsors, we are able to educate more people on the benefits of increasing their water intake to keep hydrated and remain in control when consuming alcohol.

We need your help

Our campaign is currently targeted to a small region of West Sussex and we need your help to send our message further afield and reach individuals throughout the UK. We don’t intend to preach or lecture about drinking habits; we simply wish to change the behaviour of young adults by challenging the current stigma that surrounds drinking water on a night out with friends, making it socially more acceptable and becoming ‘the norm’.

What’s in it for you

This is your opportunity to do something rewarding, make a difference and support the community, as well as helping to raise your profile amongst young adults.

Alcohol misuse costs England approximately £21bn per year in healthcare, crime and lost productivity costs. Through sponsoring Water Angel, you are supporting the West Sussex County Council’s efforts to address a number of important alcohol-related issues and helping to lower the level of alcohol misuse throughout the UK.

For many businesses, sponsoring Water Angel allows them to showcase their corporate social responsibility by having a positive impact on the environment, consumers and the community. We are encouraging more businesses to be seen as “drink aware” and keep young adults safe from both short and long term risks.

Becoming a sponsor

So if your company wants to make a difference and support the Water Angel campaign, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us today for more information on how you can get involved in our worthy cause.