3 tips to avoid a hangover

Anyone who’s ever drunk too much knows the consequences of it – nausea, dry mouth, blood shot eyes and an excruciating headache. Alcohol is a diuretic (meaning it removes fluids from the body), so drinking excessively can lead to dehydration and this is what causes many of the symptoms. So what’s the best way to avoid a hangover?

Prevention is better than cure, and luckily there is quite a bit you can do to before and during a night of drinking to prevent yourself from spending the next day with your head in a toilet. Here are our top 3 best hangover prevention tips:

1. Drink Water to Prevent a Hangover

You’re having a mad night out and all you want to do is dance, but we all know that frequent trips to the toilet are inevitable. This is because alcohol is a diuretic and all this peeing can lead to us being dehydrated. So next time you’re out and about, order a glass of water with every drink and alternate between the two to replace your bodies fluids. Alternating your alcohol with water can help you control the amount of alcohol you have and the speed with which you drink it. And don’t forget, once you eventually make it home pop a glass of water next to your bed.

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2. Eat Something to Line Your Stomach

It’s an old favourite, but eating food and lining your stomach before a night out will help lessen the pain the next day. Fatty, carbohydrate-filled foods (a burger will do nicely) are best for preventing hangovers as the fat slows your body’s absorption of alcohol and helps your digestive system cope better. Food in your stomache reduces Acetaldehyde formation (fancy name for the chemical that alcohol is converted to in the body) which is a prime cause of hangovers.burgers clear background

3. Avoid Dark Drinks, Avoid a Headache

You can reduce your chances of getting a hangover by drinking alcoholic drinks that contain fewer congeners (another fancy name for substances that give drinks their colour, smell and flavour).Lighter coloured drinks, such as vodka or gin, contain few congeners while darker ones, such as whiskey, brandy and red wine contain more.bottles clear background

So what are your hangover preventions and cures? Share your knowledge in the comments below …