The party season: how to make it one to remember

Guide to having a great Xmas night out without the bad memories…

Christmas party season is here! Time to let your hair down and have a good time…and the Water Angels are here to help make it one to remember for all the right reasons. There’s nothing worse than waking up the next morning with a nasty hangover, a blurred memory and feeling of dread about what you did the night before. Follow these simple steps to having a great Xmas night out:

1. Plan ahead – a little bit of planning can go a long way to ensuring a worry-free night out. Think about the boring things ahead of time so you don’t find yourself frantically trying to find your friends and call a taxi at 3am. Decide how you’re getting home before you go out, and book it in advance if possible. If you lose your friends, make sure you have a meeting place agreed and always fully charge your phone.

2. Fill up on food – always make sure you have a proper meal before a night out, and if you’re going to a party or event, make the most of the canapés…it’s Christmas after all! Food is vital for soaking up alcohol and keeping you going all night long – NEVER drink on an empty stomach if you want to avoid that hangover in the morning.

3. Stay hydrated – we understand you’ll be on the champers and Christmas cocktails, but that doesn’t have to equal a hangover. Every time you have an alcoholic drink, top up with a big glass of water to help you stay hydrated, and space your alcoholic drinks out throughout the night. If you start to feel a little too light-headed, lay off the alcohol and fill up on water.

4. Be comfortable – some people put weeks of planning into a showstopper Christmas party outfit, only to feel completely uncomfortable for the whole night. We’re not saying sacrifice style and sparkle altogether…but consider a few basic comforts like can you dance in it and will you be too hot/cold? As for high heels, invest in some fold up pumps for your clutch…

5. Wake up fresh – prepare a tasty snack for yourself to have when you get in and have a glass of water ready to go next to your bed. When you wake up in the morning, most of the alcohol should have been soaked up, but make sure to re-hydrate with plenty of water again. If you’ve followed these simple steps, you should be feeling fresh as a daisy with no feelings of dread in sight!


For more information, check out our ultimate hangover prevention guide and top tips for having the best New Year’s Eve. From all the Water Angel team, have a great hangover-free Christmas!