Our top 10 travel essentials

Well it seems we’ve seen this year’s mini heat wave already and the typical British summer is doing what it does best yet again…rain. But if you’re one of the lucky ones who still has a holiday to jet off to this summer with guaranteed sun, then you’ll want to check this out. The Water Angels have put together their list of top 10 travel essentials that every suitcase should be equipped with…

1.Keep it clean – there’s a lot of travel involved on holiday…airports, trains, buses and the like are used by thousands of people every day, so don’t forget to pack the hand sanitizer and wet wipes for when you need to disinfect on the go.

2. Safe in the sun – you’ve gone away to experience the holiday sunshine, but there’s nothing worse than getting burnt to a crisp and spending the day in bed with a cold flannel on your head. Sun cream is definitely a travel essential, as is a sunhat and don’t forget to wear sun cream on your face under any makeup as most foundations don’t contain SPF.

3. Tanned to perfection – getting the perfect tan on holiday is important to all of us, but don’t put your health at risk just to go a shade darker. Make sure you’re always wearing sun cream, it’s a myth that you can’t tan wearing sun cream, but even better…just fake it! Bring a bottle of your best fake tan and get that sun-kissed look you’re after instantly.

4. Moisturise – the sun is super drying, make sure you’ve packed plenty of moisturising products to stop you’re skin going flaky. Body moisturiser, face moisturiser, lip balm, hair moisturiser…as much as you can get! And if you do get burnt, make sure you’ve got a bottle of after sun on hand to sooth, moisturise and treat the skin.

5. Electronics – of course your mobile phone, but don’t forget to bring a charger and more importantly…a plug adapter! If you have a tablet, bring that too, they’re great for playing games to pass the time on the plane or looking at photos you’ve taken on the way home.

6. Basic clothing – it’s so easy to pack your entire wardrobe when you go on holiday but the reality is you end up wearing the same pair of shorts and loose fitting tops day in day out, and half the clothes you packed don’t even make it out the room. Be sensible, pack items you can wear on multiple days, big baggy tops to wear by the pool and a couple of dressy outfits for dinner.

7. Sensible shoes – again, don’t bring those stilettos if you know you’re just not going to need them. Think about where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing. Shoes take up a lot of space in your suitcase so choose wisely – flipflops, sandals, one pair of trainers if you plan on hiking or cycling and beach shoes if you’ll be taking a dip.

8. Bring the music – travel speakers are a fantastic invention. You never know when you might feel like listening to some tunes in the sunshine or getting ready in your hotel room. We never go on holiday without them.

9. Serious stuff – perhaps this shouldn’t be number 9, but OBVIOUSLY don’t forget your passport, money, travel insurance documents, health card and any other cards you might need, like a driver’s licence for ID if you don’t want to risk taking your passport out for drinks with you.

10. Capture the moment – and last on the list, a personal favourite of ours, the disposable camera. These are super cheap and although the picture quality is never amazing, it kind of adds to the fun of them. When you’re in the middle of having a great time, just take a snap – you’ll likely forget all the photos you took which makes for a great surprise when you get them developed after your holiday.

Remember to stay safe and hydrated in the sunshine, and if you plan on summer cocktails, it’s even more important to drink plenty of water in between.

Happy holidays from all the Water Angels!

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