Water Angel new year fitness

Happy New Year from all the Water Angels! Isn’t it annoying how quickly the Christmas break goes? Before you know it it’s January (the worst month of them all) and you’re back to the daily grind. But a brand new year comes with the perfect opportunity to get fitter and healthier. New year, same you just healthier – here are our top tips for fighting through the January blues…

  1. Take it slow

Don’t rush into exercise. It will always take your body time to adjust or get back into it. There’s nothing more de-motivating than hitting it hard on the treadmill only to be left gasping for air and hating life. Learn to love exercise again by listening to your body and knowing your limits. Take it slowly – don’t max out your body too early and even risk injuring yourself, you’ll be out of the gym altogether if you do.

  1. Defeat the ‘stay on the sofa’ gremlin

We totally get it…you get home from a long day, it’s dark, it’s cold and you fall on the sofa. But getting up again and physically getting yourself to the gym once your bum has hit that sofa can be tough. Schedule your workout in your diary and stick to it. If you get home and force yourself to put on your gym gear, it will help you to feel more prepared and ready to take on exercise.

  1. Set small goals

Never compare yourself to others – we are all on our own journeys. Focus on yourself and your own goals, and choose goals that are realistic. Set regular small goals so you can see that you are achieving results. There’s nothing better than realising you’ve smashed your fitness goals and seeing how far you’ve come. By working towards regular smaller goals, you’ll keep your gym motivation up and see for yourself that yes, YOU CAN DO THIS!

  1. Get a good playlist

Associate exercise with positivity – you’re making changes to your body for the better, it’s a great thing, but it can be tough to keep up the momentum. Working out to a good playlist can really help you get in the zone. Tailor your music genre to the kind of workout you’re doing and change it up often, it’s surprising how quickly you can tire of listening to what you thought were your favourites while exercising.

  1. Stay hydrated

You’ve guessed it…water is key. When you workout you sweat, meaning your body becomes dehydrated at a very quick rate. You need to keep the hydration levels topped up before, during and after your workout, to replenish those lost fluids. Maintaining good hydration is also crucial for achieving healthy weight loss.

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