Our guide to the best summer night out ever

The sun might be touch and go…but technically it’s still summer, so let’s make the most of it and enjoy the last of the summer night’s out in style! Our wonderful Water Angels have a lot of practise when it comes to perfecting the art of a happy and hangover free night to remember, and have put together their ultimate guide to the best summer night out ever…

Prep, prep, prep

If you prep properly for your summer night out, you can dance the night away knowing you’re not going to come unstuck. Key things to prep include…how you’re getting there, what’s your meeting point if anyone goes astray, how you’re getting home, a backup plan of how you’re getting home and having enough money in case of any emergencies. Check out the full blog post on this so you always keep a good night good.

Dress to impress

Deciding on what to wear can be tricky, but take it from us, stylish comfort does exist! You want to feel confident and free to bust those moves so don’t go for anything too restrictive. Try on a few options in advance to avoid that last minute panic!

Keeping it classy

Don’t be THAT person who takes it one step too far. Keep it classy by staying topped up with plenty of water between drinks to stop you from going over the edge. Make sure you’ve eaten a good meal before hitting the town to line the stomach and help absorb any alcohol. And if you start feeling a little worse for wear, know when to stop and re-hydrate.

Own the dance floor

You don’t need alcohol to own the dance floor, just some good friends, music and a bit of self-belief. No one really cares what you look like so just go for it and have an amazing time. Don’t forget to stay hydrated with plenty of water so you can keep going all night!

Late night snacks

Avoid the queues and the calorific kebabs…prepare yourself some delicious and nutritious snacks before you go out, so upon your return you’re greeted by a very welcomed tasty surprise. How about making your own home-made guacamole and popping in the fridge ready to spread on some toast when you get in to satisfy those late night cravings? Mmm guac.

Fresh as a daisy

Water is your secret weapon here…drink plenty before you go out, plenty in between alcohol and plenty before bed, and you’ll be surprised how refreshed and ready to take on the day you feel the next morning! Avoid the nasty hangover and still have the best summer night out ever.

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