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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Water Angel partner.

We are delighted to welcome you to this exciting West Sussex County Council initiative which aims to keep young party goers safe, whilst still having fun, by promoting the benefits of drinking water in addition to enjoying alcohol during a night out.

This initiative is designed to benefit not only young adults but also to have a positive impact on the wider community and businesses that cater for young adults’ fun and enjoyment.

Water Angel can only succeed by collaborating and working together to promote the important message that keeping hydrated whilst drinking alcohol is the best way to keep a good night good.

We greatly appreciate your time, involvement and commitment to the Water Angel initiative.

What is Water Angel?

Water Angel is a West Sussex County Council initiative which is backed by Sussex Police. The initiative seeks to promote the health and wellbeing of young adults aged 18-24 who are partying in bars, pubs and clubs in West Sussex.

Water Angel wants to encourage young adults to enjoy themselves responsibly by drinking water alongside their alcoholic drinks so that they feel good at night and good in the morning too!

As a business providing hospitality and entertainment to this market it makes sense to ensure that people have a really enjoyable time but look after themselves as well.

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Why do we need Water Angel?

The disappointing news is that alcohol related harm and antisocial behaviour in young adults is a trend that is on the rise.

As a result of research conducted by West Sussex County Council the Water Angel campaign was born to tackle the issues head-on and provide ways to minimise the risks associated with drinking large quantities of alcohol.

Good business reputations can be broken as a result of a few bad alcohol-related incidents, where people have over-indulged and lost control. As a partner in this initiative you can feel confident that you are pro-actively supporting your commitment to corporate social responsibility and helping your neighbourhood.


What is the Water Angel purpose?

The overall mission of the Water Angel Initiative is to reduce short-term and long-term alcohol-related harm in young adults by minimising the negative impact of alcohol as a leisure activity.

Water Angel sets out to promote the benefits of water consumption whilst drinking alcohol in a positive, non-patronising and non-judgemental way. It is not an anti-drinking campaign, or an appeal for people to drink less, it is practically focused on getting people to consume more water during their night out.


What is the Water Angel message?

Water Angel’s key message is about promoting the benefits to young adults of enjoying a night out with a few drinks whilst keeping hydrated by drinking water in order to avoid waking up in the morning with a dreadful hangover.

Whilst most young adults like to indulge in alcoholic drinks, drinking too much and getting out of control is no fun for anyone and it is definitely not cool to see a photo of yourself throwing up plastered on Facebook the next day!

Water Angel communicates its messaging where young adults are most active through its Facebook page and via the Water Angel website where videos, photos, blogs and articles are posted. It also targets venues which attract young adults such as pubs and clubs to get the message to where it really matters.

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Why partner with Water Angel?

As a bar or club, offering a fun place where young adults can socialise and enjoy themselves is your business and selling alcohol is all part of this. Demonstrating your corporate social responsibility by being a Water Angel partner is broadcasting the message that you also care about the health and wellbeing of your customers.

You will be part of a spirited group of businesses who are intent on making a real difference and, of course, you are sending a message to the wider community that you are an ethical and responsible business with a ‘drink aware’ attitude.


Some of the numerous benefits of being a Water Angel partner include:

* Alleviating some of the problems associated with pre-loading

* Gaining a good reputation as a responsible hospitality business

* Promoting your business via our social media activities

* Fewer incidents of anti-social behaviour and alcohol-fuelled incidents

* Enabling people to stay out for longer thereby generating more revenue for your business

* Fewer incidents of alcohol-induced ill health therefore saving money on cleaning up or repairing damage

* Helping to keep the community safe and reducing alcohol-related crime.


What has been done so far?

Water Angel held a launch event at MOKA in Crawley in August 2014. Glamorous winged Water Angels mingled with customers and chatted whilst handing out free cups of water from their water backpacks.

The ‘Angels’ joined in the fun on the dance floor at MOKA whilst our film crew videoed the night’s partying. The night proved to be a great success and the final cut video can be viewed here


How can you get involved?

We can offer your business everything that you need to have your very own ‘Angels’, tailored to the capacity of your establishment, from superclub to country pub. To help get you started we supply you with all the equipment and promotional material you will need, including:

* Posters to display in prominent positions within your venue

* Stickers with the Water Angel logo

* Water backpacks to distribute free glasses of water throughout the night

* Sterilising fluid for the water backpacks

* Angel wings for members of staff to wear when giving out the water

* Guidelines for running the Water Angel campaign

* Support from the Water Angel team

In return for your commitment to the initiative we help to promote our Water Angel partners by providing links to your business on our website and mentions on our social media pages.


What do I do now?

It’s really simple to get started. All you need to do is complete our Water Angel Brand Usage Agreement and then you’re ready to launch your ‘Angels’.

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