Fresher’s Survival Guide

Fresher's Survival Guide

The week you’ve been waiting for is finally round the corner, excitement and nervousness levels are equally high and suddenly you’ve got a thousand costumes to find and last minute pots and pans to buy. The Water Angels are here to make sure you nail Fresher’s and have the week of your life, so keep this guide close to hand... NUMBER 10 – Paperwork pals This might sound boring boring boring, but it means you won’t have 5 different teachers on your back the minute you arrive at... READ MORE

Smart Snacking Over Easter

Easter Egg Image Water Angel

Easter weekend for many is full of sugary chocolaty temptation but it doesn’t have to be a case of cold turkey verses massive binge fest, there are ways to snack smart and stay guilt-free. Check out our top tips on how to avoid going overboard this Easter... Top tip number 1: drink water Okay, it might sound strange swapping chocolate for, well water, but there is good reasoning behind this. When you drink lots of liquid you can actually trick your body into thinking it’s full up and... READ MORE

The Rag Race 2016

Rag Race Image 2015

Every year thousands of uni of Chichester students, venue owners and local residents of the Bognor Regis town, come together to get creative with fancy dress and raise lots of money for charity. The streets come alive with the weird and wonderful for one day only, with some students spending months on their costume. A specific route leads the crowds of over 2000 around Bognor Regis to a number of licensed public houses and food outlets, all who have given a charitable donation to be involved in... READ MORE

How to save money on a night out

How to save money on a night out

There’s no worse feeling than waking up with a pounding headache and queasy feeling in your stomach only to open your wallet and find nothing more than a few dim coppers staring back at you. You say the same thing every time: “where on earth did all my money go?!” You’ll go through the possibilities...“Someone must have stolen it. Yes, I'm a victim of identity fraud! I must call the bank immediately!” But then you remember those chips, that chicken kebab, the club entry, the taxi,... READ MORE

The easiest way to look good for your Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, make sure to catch the attention of your crush with glowing skin and dance moves that last all night! The magic of water doesn't just nourish your insides and improve your health, but it shows on the outside too, making it the easiest way to look good for your Valentine. Your skin is an organ and like all organs it is made up of lots of cells that need water to function. Without a sufficient amount of water, skin can appear dry and dull making you look tired. Dry skin... READ MORE

Why is water so important in winter?

When we think of winter we might think of hot cups of tea and tomato soup, but a fresh glass of water doesn't exactly spring to mind. The bottom line however, is that water is just as important in winter than it is in summer. But why is water so important in winter? To shelter from the cold we love to layer up with jumpers and place ourself in front of the fire as often as we can, but this artificial environment we create can cause dehydration. In technical terms, to conserve heat and... READ MORE

Dry January

Dry January

We all want to be happy and healthy and what better time to put this into action than the start of a New Year? The Angels have been doing some digging and have found some facts and statistics that might surprise you... A nightly glass of wine could be as calorific as a cheese burger. You’d have to run for over an hour in order to burn off the calories of a bottle of wine. Around 200,000 people come to work with a hangover every day. Alcohol is the second biggest risk factor for... READ MORE

A happy and #HangoverFree night!

The Angels would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in the bar crawl with a difference last Friday night, it was a huge success! Cup after cup, the Angels kept your good nights good and everyone was super excited and grateful for their hangover free mornings. They danced, they sang, they dished out their magical water and everyone had a fantastic night! Thanks to all the wonderful venues in Horsham, Crawley, Chichester and Bognor Regis who welcomed the Angels with... READ MORE


Lovebox festival tickets

The glamorous Angels are getting their wings in a flap with excitement for what is to come tomorrow night. Friday the 18th, for many is a big date in the calendar to go out with friends or work colleagues and get merry, right before Christmas...but it’s about to get a whole lot bigger! Out on the town too for one night only, the Angels will be completing a bar crawl with a difference, spreading their magic wherever they go. It’s an event not to be missed! Not only will the Angels be... READ MORE

10 drunken mistakes at the Christmas party

Water Angel Xmas Info-graphic Image

This Christmas party season make sure your office party is one to remember - for all the right reasons! Water Angel are on hand to help as always, with our top 10 drunken mistakes to avoid at all costs! Stay topped up with plenty of water between drinks to make sure you're not guilty of one of... READ MORE

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