Our Guide to Managing Stress at Uni

Our Guide to Managing Stress at Uni

As a student you’re faced with pressures from what may seem like every direction; your lecturers, your tutors, your friends and social life, your family, your hobbies...the list just goes on and on, making it feel like everything is just stacking up with no end in sight.  When pressure begins to get on top of you, stress can sink in; and if you don’t do anything about it, stress can really start to take over and make you seriously ill. Recognising the signs of stress First and... READ MORE

8 Signs to Look Out for If You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

8 signs to look out for if you're not drinking enough water

We get it...everyone has such busy lives these days, keeping track of exactly how much water you’re drinking just isn’t top of the list, but we need this simple fluid to function. Our bodies are super smart and have all kinds of little ways of telling us we’re not getting enough. Here are our top 8 signs to look out for if you’re not drinking enough water... Dry mouth Never ignore that sticky, nasty feeling on the back of your tongue, reach for the water to lubricate the mucus... READ MORE

Tips for a University Fresher: Life and What to Expect

Tips for a University Fresher: Life and What to Expect

Every fresher will have their own university expectations already – that (hopefully) your student days will be the best time of your life, you’ll meet loads of new friends and walk out with a first class degree. Your experience is what you make it, so grab every opportunity that comes your way, work hard and have fun! To help ease you into uni life, the Angels have put together their top tips for a university fresher... Preparation and packing Get your admin in order! You’ll... READ MORE

Guide to the Best Summer Night Out Ever

Our guide to the best summer night out ever

The sun might be touch and go...but technically it’s still summer, so let’s make the most of it and enjoy the last of the summer night’s out in style! Our wonderful Water Angels have a lot of practise when it comes to perfecting the art of a happy and hangover free night to remember, and have put together their ultimate guide to the best summer night out ever... Prep, prep, prep If you prep properly for your summer night out, you can dance the night away knowing you’re not going... READ MORE

Our Top 10 Travel Essentials

Our top 10 travel essentials

Well it seems we’ve seen this year’s mini heat wave already and the typical British summer is doing what it does best yet again...rain. But if you’re one of the lucky ones who still has a holiday to jet off to this summer with guaranteed sun, then you’ll want to check this out. The Water Angels have put together their list of top 10 travel essentials that every suitcase should be equipped with... 1.Keep it clean – there’s a lot of travel involved on holiday...airports, trains,... READ MORE

How to Look Your Best This Summer

How to look your best this summer | Water Angel

Packing for a holiday abroad or staying home to enjoy the summer sunshine England has to offer? Check out our top tips for looking and feeling your best courtesy of the wonderful Water Angels... Swap to a BB cream Every girl knows make up and summer don’t really mix – strip it right back to the basics so you’ll always be feeling fresh faced in the heat. Try swapping your regular foundation for a BB cream or tinted moisturiser and look for one with added SPF in it to keep your skin... READ MORE

Prep Tips for Summer Exams

Prep Tips for Summer Exams

Summer is coming...but not before exams are done and dusted. This is the final push before you can relax knowing you’ve done your absolute best. Time to really knuckle down for your summer exams and as always the Water Angels are on hand to provide some helpful tips for managing your revision time and staying motivated. Get yourself a calendar This is a standard piece of kit for any exam goer. Get yourself a simple wall calendar where you can clearly see when your exams are and work... READ MORE

5 Simple Ways to Manage Exam Stress

5 Simple Ways to Manage Deadlines & Exam Stress

Easter holidays are over. We get it – you feel full on chocolate eggs, lazy and ready to start thinking about summer. When it comes to deadlines and exam revision, it’s fair to say you’re lacking in motivation. The Angels are here to help give you the boost you need in the most important last few weeks of the term. 1 – Get your priorities straight No it’s not Netflix. Get all the important and difficult work or revision out of the way as soon as possible. Your brain will be more... READ MORE

Why We Need Water to Think Straight

Why We Need Water to Think Straight

  Winter is nearing an end and the sun is peaking through more and more each day; thoughts turn to spring and summer holidays and revision and exams get harder to focus on – that’s where the Water Angels come in. We’re here to help you think clearly when you’re bored out of your mind in lectures or study sessions, and here’s how...   Lack of water is integrally linked to problems with focus, memory, brain fatigue, brain fog, headaches, sleep cycles, bad moods and... READ MORE

What to Do When It All Goes Wrong…

What To Do When It All Goes Wrong...

It’s easy to get all dressed up, start drinking and head off into the night with nothing but hopes of having an amazing time with your mates. But sometimes things don’t always pan out like that...especially when alcohol is involved. The key to a good night out is to have a plan of action just in case things go wrong... Too drunk – a classic. If you find yourself feeling like you’re too drunk the first thing you need to do is STOP DRINKING. Put down your drink and make sure it’s... READ MORE

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