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Say NO to November drowsiness

Say No to November drowsiness

With the days getting colder and darker, we all begin to get that sluggish tired feeling, and we lack the energy and motivation to do anything other than eat chocolate. But that doesn't have to be the case, and the solution might be simpler than you think to say NO to November drowsiness. Water is the powerful liquid we all too often take for granted, but it really can fix those lousy lay-about moods. Whether you’re feeling sleepy at your desk or struggling to keep up with the treadmill,... READ MORE

700 litres later

700 litres later info-graphic | Water Angel

Over the summer of 2015, the glamorous Water Angels distributed almost 700 litres of water to young adults at various different events across West Sussex. We were so proud of this achievement that we wanted to share with you exactly how much this whopping figure is equal to...and the results were unbelievable! Check out our fancy info-graphic to see for... READ MORE

How Much Water Should You Drink for a Happy Body?

How much water should you drink for a happy body?

How much water should you drink for a happy body? The ‘sacred 8 glasses’ of water is the figure you might have heard floating around but do you actually drink that much every single day? The answer is probably not. Naturally, we all find ourselves sipping at our desk or in our lectures, but how many of us actually count how many glasses we have or indeed reach that magic number? Many of us take for granted the lifesaving properties of pure clean drinking water and understand very... READ MORE

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