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The magic of water

Halloween Magic of Water

This Halloween, we thought we would look at the magic of water and attitudes to H2O over the centuries. Water is fully understood in terms of its properties and importance on a scientific level in the 21st century but not so long ago, magic and superstition surrounded this life-giving liquid. A Serbian folk custom involves the spilling of water behind a person who is about to embark on a journey or to bring good luck in a job or exam. In Roman times, spilling water was seen as an omen... READ MORE

Straight from the tap, it makes more sense

Iced water at nightclub bar

Did you know that millions of people are still paying thousands of times more for an amazing commodity than they need to? Not oil or diamonds, no, our everyday water! The water that comes from your tap at home is actually cleaner and less polluted than rain water and offers excellent value for money, around £0.00198 per litre in the UK. Why is it natural to believe that bottled water is in some way better for you? After all, the bottle can’t be reused as it will degrade after a fairly... READ MORE

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